Community Guidelines

Candlewood Isle Community Guidelines

as put forth by the Candlewood Isle Association
6/1/2019 Trash Removal
  1. Residents must arrange for the removal of their own household/personal garbage, including Christmas trees, leaves, and lawn clippings. 
  2. Garbage containers should be removed to their concealed sites immediately after collection. If you are unable to do so, ask a friend or neighbor to help. 
  3. Garbage and Trash Containers should be stored out of sight from our roadways. If necessary to keep containers near our roadway, they need to be concealed in trash container enclosures or by well maintained shrubs to keep them hidden from view.
  4. Vacant Lots: No refuse of any kind, including brush and/or lawn clippings, is to be placed in vacant lots. This practice is prohibited by Town ordinance. 
  5. Homeowners are responsible for removal of all construction debris. 

  1. Lawn Signs

    1. Commercial signs offering sale of goods or services or “For Sale”/”For Rent” signs should not be erected on any property within the Tax District. 

  1. Noise

    1. Avoid excessive noise. Play radios, stereos and televisions softly, with consideration and respect for your neighbors.
    2. No person shall operate any powered gardening/lawn equipment or powered construction equipment between the hours of 8:00 PM and 7:00 AM.

  1. Property Maintenance

    1. Towels, Bathing Suits and Toys: Please try to conceal beach towels and bathing suits when drying them so that they are not visible from the road. Residents are requested to make every effort to remove children’s toys, bicycles, etc. from roadside view when not in use. 
    2. Please maintain your shrubs and bushes, not only out of consideration for your neighbors, but for the enhancement of your own property. Drainage and its effects should be considered when doing major landscaping. Please remove all weeds that grow along the road area in front of your home. Shrubs and bushes should be trimmed so that they do not overhang or impeded Isle roadways.
    3. Homeowners are responsible for leaf disposal and proper supervision of garden workers. Leaves or debris should not be blown or deposited on Park roads or onto other property.

  1. Compliance with the Town of New Fairfield

    1. External additions/alterations to properties within Candlewood Isle require a building permit from the town of New Fairfield. 
    2. Septic Systems: In order to comply with the regulations of the Town of New Fairfield, septic systems should be cleaned every two years. 

  1. Pets

    1.  Unleashed animals are not permitted. 
    2. Please maintain your animal on a leash and collect your animal’s waste matter. 

  1. Boat Trailers

    1.  Every effort should be made to store boat trailers for the summer season off site or on your property. No boat trailers are to be stored on Candlewood Isle property or easements.

  1. Renters: Homeowners who lease their residences are required to:

    1. Furnish the names and telephone number of their renters to Candlewood Isle Security. 
    2. Owners are requested to supply these guidelines and community rules to renters.

Information for Guests and Renters

Guests of Candlewood Isle:

Speed Limit/Roads:

Please make sure the speed limit of 20 mph or slower is abided at all times.

Also, keep in mind while parking on Candlewood Isle roadways to park off the

street always leaving enough room should an oversized vehicle need to get


Clubhouse/Beach/Tennis Court at Clubhouse:

The Clubhouse is used for special events throughout the year as well as

Candlewood Isle Camp in the summer months.

Beach access is permitted for guests of Candlewood Isle residents.

Please keep in mind especially during the summer months that this area can get

crowded. Make sure cars are parked in the immediate Clubhouse/Beach area and

that they are not on the streets or blocking any driveways.

During the summer months lifeguards are on duty during specific times.

However, children swimming in the designated “Kiddie Pool” area must be

supervised at all times.

Safety is the lifeguards number one concern and they have disciplinary

jurisdiction over the entire waterfront area. They are authorized to take

appropriate action in the event of any situation, which may endanger life, harm

any person, disrupt the beach, or destroy club property.

Please note, any food or beverages may only be consumed on the grassy area of

the waterfront. There are garbage receptacles down by the clubhouse. Please

make sure to dispose of your garbage there.

Pets are not allowed at the Clubhouse or on the beach at any time.

If you are bringing a Kayak or Paddleboard, you may drive your car down to the

Clubhouse/Waterfront area and unload at the ramp to the left of the boat slips.

Tennis Court/Basketball Court:

Guests of Candlewood Isle residents may use the Tennis Court next to the

Clubhouse or the Basketball Court across from the clubhouse. No reservations

are required, but if someone is waiting to play on either of these courts, please

limit your time accordingly.