Boards, Committees, Staff

Office Manager - Karen Hanley 
PO Box 380
New Fairfield, CT 06812
(203) 746-0220 or [email protected]  
Hours: Monday 12-2p and Thursday 12p-2p or by appointment

(203) 746-2130

Candlewood Isle Tax District Board of Directors
To reach all board members and the office at once: [email protected].

President - Guy Minoli -  [email protected]
Vice-President - Eric Hofmann - [email protected]
Clerk - Martha Clipston -  [email protected]
Treasurer - Bill Crawford -  [email protected]

Security - Tim Larkin -  [email protected]
Roads - Michael Palma -  [email protected]
Marina/Golf Cart - John Glynn -  [email protected]
Maintenance/Waterfront/Lifeguards - Pat Johnson -  [email protected]
Adult Recreation - Ro Ruppert -  [email protected]
Junior Recreation - Mike and April Imhoff -  [email protected]

Committees & Volunteers

Nominating Committee - Michelle O'Connor and Susan Pascale

Isle Beautification - Kathy Ohsann, Barbara Hotchkiss, Katherine & Andrew Weber

Junior Recreation Committee - April Imhoff, Shannon Robinson, Dana Murray
[email protected]

Marina Committee - John Glynn, Tim Larkin, Gary Lupo, Brendan McCollam, Gordon Pascale, Gary Rome, Pat Callahan, Gary Lupo, Mike Schnarr, John Cotumaccio, Mike Sedlak, David Bevan & Alternate: Matt Ruppert
[email protected]

Lifeguards - Danyelle Connors
[email protected]

Clubhouse Rentals - Cathy Hancock
[email protected]

Newsletter - Aimee Suhie
[email protected]

Tennis Program - Pat & Andrea Callahan
[email protected]

Summer Camp Program - Michael Imhoff
[email protected]

Bocce - Tim Larkin
[email protected]

Welcoming Committee - Allison Mooney
[email protected]

Young Ambassadors - Ann O'Connor-White
[email protected]

Fundraising Committee - 

Apparel Committee - 

- Karen Jaslow, Louise Clark
[email protected]

Candlewood Isle Association Board of Directors:
[email protected]

Jeff Berman - President 
Andrea Callahan 
JP Cheneski 
Allison Mooney
Melissa Stewart
Michael Imhoff
Brian Coyman
Michelle O'Connor