April 4, 2019

Dear Candlewood Isle Boaters & Golf Cart Owners:

The 2019 boating and golf cart season are here. Attached please find the 2019 Marina and Golf Cart Applications which are due May 1, 2019.

The Candlewood Isle Marina and Golf Cart Committee (MC) is hopeful that 2019 will mark a banner year for the Candlewood Isle Marinas as we expect to receive permission to add docks to our marinas. We have applied to add 92 new slips; 72 at the Tennis Courts Docks, 20 at the Clubhouse, and remove the moorings. If all goes accordingly, we will receive permission w/out any restrictions. Although everything is dependent upon receiving permission; we are going to move forward anticipating a favorable decision. Therefore, the MC has come up with a master plan to add new slips. Our plan is to add new slips in stages. The first stage, that hopefully will happen this year, is to add one or two sections of new docks at the Tennis Court Marinas. The next stages will take place in the following year(s). This new endeavor is very expensive. In order to accomplish our goals, both short and long term, it is an unavoidable fact that we need to increase the rates this year. 2019 fees will be $750 for prior marina boat slip occupants, $375 for prior mooring occupants (refundable if we need to remove the moorings), and $175 for canoe/kayak racks.

For those on the Wait List that will receive a new slip, hopefully in 2019 and in the future, there will be a one-time initial fee of $1500 plus the yearly fee of $750 for a total 2019 fee of $2250 due May 1, 2019 (for those who are willing to do so & the $2250 is refundable if we don’t receive permission) for the costs to build the bulk heads, buy new docks, install them, anchors, chains, and all else needed at the Tennis Court Marina. The increase in rates this year and the one-time initiation fee will allow us to finance the master plan to add the new docks and boat slips we have applied for and expect to get permission to do now and into the future.

FYI the results of a recent survey conducted by the MC asking all those on the Wait List if they are willing to pay a one-time fee, plus this year’s fee, and occupy the new slip with a seaworthy vessel show that not all those on the Wait List are willing to do so. In order to be fair and address this situation; the MC has decided to offer new slips to those on the Wait List that are willing to pay this year’s fees now ahead of those that said they didn’t want to do so. Those on the Wait List that don’t pay this year’s fees will maintain (or possibly move up) their position on the Wait List until a slip becomes available. At which time, the next person on the Wait List will have to decide to occupy the slip or receive a one-year grace period to do so. The new slip will be offered to the next person on the Wait List per Marina By-Laws. If after the one-year grace period, the person decides not to occupy the slip, that person will go to the end of the Wait List. People that want to have a second boat slip can put their names on the Wait List, they will receive a second slip only if all the people on the Wait List already have been given the opportunity to receive a slip, have declined, and the Wait List is exhausted.

Last year the MC addressed the serious problem with squatters on and around the canoe racks. Vessels that were registered last year all have a sticker identifying each vessel as official and those stickers are valid until a vessel is removed permanently. New vessels are required to be registered and will receive a new sticker. Any vessel that doesn’t have a sticker will be removed to the storage shed. Any resident on Candlewood Isle that has a vessel that isn’t registered are welcome to launch and remove their vessel at the Club House and South End (located on Cove Lane) boat ramps. All non-registered vessels are required to be launched and removed on the same day. Trailers for registered/non-registered vessels must be stored away from the boat ramps at their own expense. Trailers for non-registered vessels must be stored in the parking lot after launching and be removed from the parking lots after each use.

The MC will email/mail Marina and Golf Cart Applications in the Candlewood Isle Spring Packet and post boat slip assignments, mooring assignments (if available), canoe rack assignments, and all waiting lists on the Candlewood Isle web site at You will be able to download Marina/Golf Cart Applications off the home page. If you wish to contact the Harbormaster for routine requests or to add your name to any of the wait lists, please email John Glynn at [email protected]. Be sure to copy any email to the CI Office at [email protected].

Every occupant of a boat slip, mooring, canoe rack, and golf cart owner are responsible for the operation of and securing their vessel and having proof of insurance for golf carts via their boat and home owner’s insurance policy(s).

Please note that there will be a Safe Boating Class at the Clubhouse on Saturday June 22, 2019 from 8am-12noon.                               

Residents of Candlewood Isle are very fortunate to have the use of these two Marinas & Golf Carts. The MC requests boat slip, mooring, canoe rack occupants, and golf cart operators continue to be courteous and considerate of their fellow neighbors. Therefore the best method in doing so is to clearly state that you understand and will abide by the Candlewood Isle Rules, Regulations, & acknowledges such by signing the attached waiver to their respective applications.

The Candlewood Isle Harbor Master, Marina/Golf Cart Committee, thanks the numerous volunteers who have regularly given their time and involvement w/the marinas.





John Glynn


Marina & Golf Cart Committee Members

Pat Callahan, Tim Larkin, Gary Lupo, Brendan McCollam, Gordon Pascale, Gary Rome, Michael Schnarr, John Cotumaccio, Michael Sedlak, David Bevan & Alternate: Matt Ruppert

2019 Candlewood Isle Marina By-Laws, Rules, Regulations, & Waiver

The Candlewood Isle Marina Member listed as Name of Owner on the 2019 Marina Use Application understands and agrees to the following:

  1. The Tax District of Candlewood Isle, its properties, officers, directors, agents, servants, employees, and volunteers will be identified as “District”, Marina Properties will be identified as “Marina”, Marina/Golf Cart Members will be identified as “Members”, and the Candlewood Isle Association will be identified as “Association” in this document.
  2. As in the past, Members who are CITD tax payers and Grandfathered families who are in good standing and had a boat in a Marina boat slip or on Marina mooring last year will have a right to reserve their same slip or mooring for 2019. Note the Grandfather families’ status is only applicable assuming continuous years of use. If the existing grandfathered families do not use their boat slip for a year or more, they forfeit their grandfathered status.
  3. In the event the Member changes the boat/vessel identified on the Marina Use Application, the Member is responsible for providing the Harbormaster with a new 2019 Marina Use Application.
  4. Any Marina boat slip, mooring, and/or canoe rack applied for and not paid for by Monday May 1, 2019 will be released to the waiting list.
  5. In order that an application for a boat slip, mooring, or canoe rack to be accepted, all Candlewood Isle taxes must be paid in full and up-to-date.
  6. All applications must be accompanied by a copy of a current (2019) boat registration matching the name of Member if available. In the event you haven’t registered your boat yet; your 2018 boat registration will be acceptable but, you must provide a current boat registration by May 1, 2019.
  7. All boats/vessels must be sea worthy & golf carts must adhere to all requirements.
  8. Boat slips/moorings/canoe racks are not transferrable and can only be occupied by the boat/vessel on marina application.
  9. Failure to occupy assigned boat slip with the boat/vessel on Marina application by July 1, 2019 will result in forfeiture of boat slip, being placed on end of wait list, and will be released to next person on the wait list.
  10. The Candlewood Isle Harbor Master and Marina/Golf Cart Committee reserve the right to reassign boat slips, moorings, and canoe racks at their discretion.
  11. Marina rules are one boat slip per tax payer except for those that have been given “Grandfather” status (those that have had both a boat slip and a mooring prior to 2019). In the event you have more than one boat; moorings are available (for now) to harbor a second boat/vessel and you can put your name on the Wait List.       All are based on availability.
  12. All usage shall be in accordance with the rules of the Tax District of Candlewood Isle as approved by its Board of Directors.
  13. All boats/vessels must be removed from boat slips and moorings by October 9th, 2019 or earlier/later if posted.
  14. The Marina Committee maintains a waiting list for boat slips, moorings, & boat racks. The list is operated on a first come, first served basis, and can be viewed on Isle website.
  15. The “Day Docks” at both Marinas are to be used for drop-off & pick-up for a tax payer and/or guest of a tax payer. Overnight occupancy must be approved by the Harbor Master w/a prior request for reservation to do so via email to [email protected]. Unauthorized boats will be removed.
  16. Failure to comply with any of the above listed By-Laws/Rules will result in immediate forfeiture of boat slip, and/or mooring, and/or canoe rack, and/or Golf Cart.
  17. Life Guards are not on duty at Marinas. Swimming in any Marina is prohibited.
  18. Priority for assigning boat slips will be given first to CITD tax payers followed by Candlewood Isle renters, based on availability. As of January 1, 2011, any existing renter occupying a boat slip or mooring will be considered as “Grandfathered” to occupy and renew their boat slip from the prior season.
  19. All boat slip, mooring, and canoe rack occupants must abide by Marina By-laws, Rules, and Regulations or face expulsion.
  20. The size limit of all boats in Marina boat slips & moorings is twenty-six (26) feet. The size limit for vessels stored in canoe racks is sixteen (16) feet.
  21. All applications must be accompanied by proof of Liability and Property Damage Loss Insurance w/a/minimum liability of $300,000.
  22. Each Member agrees that he/she shall be responsible for securing their vessel, is liable for any damage he/she may cause to other boats or Marina/ District property, including docks, moorings, and boat racks.
  23. The District/Marina/Association is not liable for claims or damage to the marina members, or their agents, or their guests, person or property resulting from the Member’s activities, use or occupation of the District/Marina’s docks, slips, moorings, boat racks, or property.
  24. The District/Marina/Association does not provide security for Members, the District/Marina/Association Property, docks, slips, moorings, or boat racks. The Member assumes all risk of usage of Marina/District/Association Property and releases and waives any actions, claims, damages, liabilities, or responsibilities by or against the District.
  25. In the case of an emergency, the District/Marina shall determine what constitutes an “emergency”. If the Member is not available or cannot be immediately contacted, or not prompt in response, the District/Marina is authorized to move the subject boat. Note the District/Marina is under no obligation to provide the service.       Any cost, disbursements or expenses incurred by the District/Marina shall be solely at the Member’s expense which he/she shall pay promptly.
  26. Beginning 2019 the Children’s Summer Program Tender Boat will be assigned the first available boat slip at the Clubhouse at no charge.
  27. In 2019 current boat slip occupants that were also mooring occupants in 2018 have been given “Grandfather” status and will receive an additional boat slip when a slip becomes available. The said slip will remain in that person’s name until they decide not to occupy the said slip w/a seaworthy vessel. This is applicable only if permission is granted to add new boat slips.
  28. The Harbormaster will receive a boat slip at both the Clubhouse and Tennis Court Marinas at no charge and have the option to keep one slip after their tenure as Harbormaster is finished.
  29. 2018 mooring occupants will be granted a boat slip at the Tennis Court Marina in 2019 after all the people on the wait list have been given an opportunity to accept or refuse a boat slip in 2019 unless they are on the boat slip Wait List already.

The undersigned Marina Member understands and agrees that the Marina Member is responsible for the use of the Candlewood Isle Marina facilities -including family and guests. It is also agreed that the Tax District of Candlewood Isle assumes no responsibility for the personal injury, loss of or damage to boat equipment or other property, nor for any cost, claims, liabilities or damages resulting from the use of these facilities - including, but not limited to, docks, boat racks, dinghies, boat ramp, access road and off-shore mooring space.

The Marina Member agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Tax District of Candlewood Isle for any claims, expenses, losses, damages or costs, including, but not limited to, attorneys' fees incurred by the Tax District of Candlewood Isle due to the use of the Candlewood Isle Marina facilities by the Marina Member, member's family or guests.


2019 Candlewood Isle Marina Member


Please Print Name of Marina Member








 2019 MARINA FEES DUE MAY 1, 2019

       Please indicate the location you are applying for:

                 ( )     Dock Slip Fee = $750 (Wait List Refundable)

               ( )     New Slips/Initiation Fee = $1500 (Wait List Refundable)

               ( )     Mooring Fee = $375 (Refundable if Removed)

               ( )     Boat Rack Fee = $175



Please provide the following information completely, sign the application and return with full payment of fees by check to the address above (checks are to be made payable to the ‘CANDLEWOOD ISLE TAX DISTRICT’). You may not use the Candlewood Isle Marina facilities until your application and payment-in-full has been received by the Harbormaster/CI Office. It is the responsibility of the Marina Member to notify the Harbor Master of any changes to contact information.

Name(s) of Owner(s) ­­­­­­­­_____________________________________________________

Telephone (Isle) __________________ (Other) ________________________________

Isle Address (PO Box) ____________________ (Road) _________________                                                                    

Other Address __________________________________________________________

Email Address __________________________________________________________

Type                           Make              Length            Width         Color            Reg. #

( ) Power            _____________       ________        _______      ________   _________

( ) Sail                _____________       ________       _______       ________   _________

( ) Pontoon         _____________       ________        _______       ________   _________

( ) Other             _____________       ________       _______      ________   _________

To Be Completed by Office: Canoe Rack Assignment/Registration # _______Boat Slip # _______ Mooring # _______ * All vessels must have current valid registration and proof of Liability and Property Damage/Loss or their slips and/or moorings will be released to the waiting list.










Please provide the following information completely, sign the application and return with full payment of fee by check to the address above (checks are to be made payable to the ‘CANDLEWOOD ISLE TAX DISTRICT’). You may not operate a Golf Cart on Candlewood Isle property and facilities until your Registration Form and payment-in-full has been received by the Golf Cart Committee. All Registration Forms will be due May 1, 2019.


Name(s) of Owner(s) ­­­­­­­­_____________________________________________________

Telephone (Isle) __________________ (Other) ________________________________

Isle Address (PO Box) ____________________ (Road) _______________                                                                  

Email Address __________________________________________________________


Type                     Make                        Length                 Width            Color          

Sticker #    (To Be Completed by Clerk if New Registration)

( ) Gas            ____________          ________              _______       ________    

( ) Electric       _____________         ________             _______         ________    

( ) Other         _____________         ________              _______         ________    

To Be Completed by Office: Golf Cart # _______


Candlewood 2019 Golf Cart Rules & Regulations

Per the Ordinance of #5 of Candlewood Isle by Laws the following are the recommendations of the Candlewood Isle Marina & Golf Cart Committee:

  1. The committee requires Golf Cart Owners to provide proof of insurance; either added to homeowners or auto liability, specifically naming the “Tax District of Candlewood Isle”, “Candlewood Isle Marina”, and the “Candlewood Isle Association” as an “Additional Insured”. The “Marina” has been advised to follow CT State Law which is a 20-40-10 minimum.
  2. All Golf Carts must be registered to the Candlewood Isle Clerk and receive a sticker.
  3. Only licensed drivers may operate a Golf Cart.
  4. Sticker programs on left rear replaced annually; will include phone number on sticker.
  5. Golf Carts must have headlights, horn, taillights and/or reflectors.
  6. The Committee will post a sign at Guard House, P.O. Boxes and Club house to call 746-2130 to report unregistered Golf Carts, unsafe operations & speeding.
  7. The Committee will post a list of registered Golf Carts at the Guard House.
  8. No headlights = no nights; if golf cart doesn’t have lights it can’t be operated at night.
  9. In the event you are renewing your Golf Cart registration the current sticker on your cart is valid. Please be sure to include the sticker # in your application. New Golf Cart registrants will be issued a new sticker.
  10. Golf Cart Rules to be enforced by Isle Security MGC.
  11. Golf Cart Capacity is limited to the available seating on each respective Golf Cart.
  12. Golf Cart Committee will produce a sign that reads “When Driving a Golf Cart please use courtesy and common sense always.” Signs will be posted at the beginning of Lake Drive North & South, Clubhouse, and intersection of Lake Drive South and Hemlock Trail.
  13. Failure to comply with Golf Cart Regulations will result in forfeiture of the use of Candlewood Isle Amenities, i.e., community events, adult and junior recreation, tennis, marina & children’s programs.



2019 Golf Cart Owner’s Signature




I, the undersigned Golf Cart Member, agree that my use and occupation of the Candlewood Isle Marina/Candlewood Isle Tax District/Candlewood Isle Association Property, roads, docks, slips, moorings, and boat racks is a “license” only. I have read and agree to the rules and regulation of the Marina and Golf Cart Rules.

I agree that I, as a Golf Cart Member, including my family, agents and guests (“I”), am responsible for use of the District/Marina/Association property. I assume all risk of responsibility. I agree the District/Marina/Association is not responsible for my personal injury, loss or damage to District/Marina/Association property, boats, canoes, equipment or properties of mine of my family, agents or guests, nor for any cost, claims, damages, demands, liabilities or responsibilities, arising out of, caused by or occurring from our use, activities or occupation of the Marina/District Properties/Candlewood Isle Association Property.

I agree for myself, my heirs, successors and assigns, (collectively “I” or “My”), and do hereby hold the Candlewood Isle Marina, Tax District of Candlewood Isle and the Candlewood Isle Association, its officers, directors, committees, and agencies, and their agents servants, employees and volunteers (hereinafter referred to as “Licensors”), free and harmless from any and all actions, claims, damages, demands, liabilities or obligations, known or unknown that I have or may have or which may hereafter accrue or occur or threatened, for liability, bodily injury or property damage arising uot of, resulting from or claimed as a result of my acts, negligence, omissions, use and occupation of, or my presence, of or on Marina Properties/District Properties/Association Properties (collectively “Claims”). I agree for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns, to compensate, indemnify and pay to Licensors, all cost, claims, demands, damages, losses or expenses, including attorney fees and disbursements, incurred or obligated by the District/Marina/Association associated with any Claims or Threatened Claims, including but not limited to cost of defense, resolution or settlement, or judgment in connection therewith.

This Agreement is binding on myself, as a Golf Cart Member, my heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns.


2019 Candlewood Isle Golf Cart Member Signature



Please Print Name of Golf Cart Member



Marina & Golf Cart News
Candlewood Isle offers residents the wonderful amenities of boating and golf carts.  There have been recent incidents where boaters have been inconvenienced and most importantly...residents and their property in jeopardy of injury w/incidents of near misses/Golf Cart accidents.  The CI Marina/Golf Cart Committee reminds everyone to abide by the rules and regulations of the Marinas and Golf Cart operation which can be found on the CI website listed in the "Marina" section.
GOLF CARTS IMPORTANT!!!  A very IMPORTANT reminder that per Candlewood Isle Ordinace #5; Golf Carts are only allowed to be operated by a LICENSED DRIVER.  There have been several recent sightings of underage people driving golf carts which is against CI Rules.  Any unlicensed person found driving a golf cart will be fined $50 w/a possible revocation of Golf Cart privileges on CI.  This is a very serious matter and puts all CI residents in jeopardy and liable if there's an accident.  It is important to remind residents w/golf carts to please obey all Golf Cart Rules posted on the CI website listed in the "Marina" section.
CANOE/KAYAK-IMPORTANT!!! Unfortunately SQUATTERS continue to place their vessels in preassigned racks.  This is a complete inconvenience to those who have assigned racks and not considerate to our neighbors.  Residents who don't have assigned racks are welcome to launch their vessels on a daily basis at the boat ramp at the Clubhouse Beach.  Squatter's, and you know who you are, please remove your vessels immediately, if not, your vessels will be removed to the town dump.
MOORINGS-IMPORTANT!!!  The CI Dingy is only for the use of CI Residents that need to get to their moorings and for the Camp's use when needed, must be replaced after each use, and docked along side the inner most section of the Day Dock/Northern most section of docks located closest to the swim area on the right.  Please be sure you moor your vessels on your assigned mooring.
DAY DOCKS-IMPORTANT!!! The Day Docks are to be used for pickup and drop off only.  Please do not leave your vessel on the Day Dock for extended periods of time.
NEW BOAT SLIPS-IMPORTANT!!!  The CI Marina Committee is working w/1st Light and all the powers-that-be to add new boat slips.  Our next step is to appear at a Wetlands Commission hearing on August 19,2019 to receive their permission to move forward on securing new slips ASAP.  After that we anticipate our application to be sent to the powers-that-be/stake holders in Washington, D.C. for comments.  
In the event any resident observes any problem or incident or anything Marina or Golf Cart related, please contact John Glynn, Isle Harbor Master, at [email protected] or call his cell # 646-295-8432 immediately and the situation will be dealt w/ASAP.  Thank you for everyone's cooperation, respect for their neighbors, and patience!
The CI Marina & Golf Cart Committee
Also, is it possible to somehow add the words "Golf Carts" next to Marina section of the website b/c the rules and regulations of both are listed in the "Marina" section.  One last thing, I've attached a copy of the ordinance we established in 2015 for Golf Carts for your records.
Thank you!

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