CANDLEWOOD ISLE MARINA & GOLF CARTS

                                                     TAX DISTRICT OF CANDLEWOOD ISLE


2023 Candlewood Isle Marina By-Laws, Rules, Regulations, Definitions & Waiver

Applications - Attached


The Candlewood Isle Marina Member listed as Name of Owner on the 2023 Marina Use Application understands and agrees to the following:


  1. The Tax District of Candlewood Isle, its properties, officers, directors, agents, servants, employees, and volunteers will be identified as “District”, Marina Properties will be identified as “Marina”, Marina/Golf Cart Members will be identified as “Members”, and the Candlewood Isle Association will be identified as “Association” in this document.


  1. As in the past, Members who are CITD tax payers, who are in good standing and had a boat in a Marina boat slip last year will have a right to receive a dock slip in 2023.


  1. If available, based on the waitlist, a homeowner may occupy a 2nd slip until it is no longer wanted.  A 3rd slip may be occupied, however, the 3rd slip would be up for a yearly review by the marina committee to determine if the slip should be given to the next person on the waitlist.


  1. In 2023, upon approval of the new dock slips, long term renters in good standing will be able to occupy a dock slip if available under the homeowner's name. The homeowner would be responsible to ensure that all By-Laws, Rules and Regulations are followed by their renter including insurance and registration. The homeowner must provide a copy of the lease, corporations, and limited liability partnerships are not allowed, and short term renters will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, under the same terms.


  1. Corporations, and limited liability partnerships as renters are not permitted.


  1. Any new dock slips acquired are subject to a one-time Marina initiation fee of $1500. This is in addition to the annual rental fee.



  1. In the event the Member changes the boat/vessel identified on the Marina Use Application, the Member is responsible for providing the Harbormaster with a new 2023 Marina Use Application.


  1. Any Marina boat slip and/or canoe rack applied for and not paid for by February 15, 2023 will be released to the waiting list.


  1. In order for an application for a boat slip or canoe rack be accepted, all Candlewood Isle taxes must be paid in full and up-to-date.


  1. All applications must be accompanied by a copy of a current (2023) boat registration matching the name of Member if available. In the event you haven’t registered your boat yet; your 2022 boat registration will be acceptable but, you must provide a current boat registration by May 1, 2023. This applies to ALL boats/members.


  1. All boats/vessels must be sea worthy & golf carts must adhere to all requirements.


  1. Boat slips and canoe racks are not transferrable and can only be occupied by the boat/vessel on marina application.


  1. Failure to occupy assigned boat slip with the boat/vessel on Marina application by July 1, 2023 will result in forfeiture of boat slip, being placed on end of wait list, and will be released to next person on the wait list.


  1. The Candlewood Isle Harbor Master and Marina/Golf Cart Committee reserve the right to reassign boat slips and canoe racks at their discretion.


  1. All usage shall be in accordance with the rules of the Tax District of Candlewood Isle as approved by its Board of Directors.


  1. All boats/kayaks/canoes/vessels must be removed from boat slips by October 9th, 2023 or earlier/later if posted. Kayak/canoe/small vessels that are not removed annually will be subject to a $50 per day storage fee. No isle grounds should be used for any storage.


  1. The Marina Committee maintains a waiting list for boat slips & canoe racks. The list is operated on a first come, first served basis.


  1. The “Day Docks” at both Marinas are to be used for drop-off & pick-up for a tax payer and/or guest of a tax payer. Overnight occupancy must be approved by the Harbor Master w/a prior request for reservation to do so via email to [email protected]. Unauthorized boats will be removed.


  1. Failure to comply with any of the above listed By-Laws/Rules will result in immediate forfeiture of boat slip and/or canoe rack, and/or Golf Cart.


  1. Lifeguards are not on duty at the Marinas. Swimming in any Marina is prohibited.


  1. Priority for assigning boat slips will be given first to CITD tax payers followed by Candlewood Isle renters, based on availability. Any existing renter occupying a boat slip will have the opportunity to occupy and renew their boat slip from the prior season. 


  1. All boat slips and canoe rack occupants must abide by Marina By-laws, Rules, and Regulations or face expulsion.


  1. The size limit of all boats in Marina boat slips is twenty-six (26) feet. The size limit for vessels stored in canoe racks is sixteen (16) feet.


  1. All applications must be accompanied by proof of Liability and Property Damage Loss Insurance w/a/minimum liability of $300,000.


  1. Each Member agrees that he/she shall be responsible for securing their vessel and is liable for any damage he/she may cause to other boats or Marina/ District property, including docks and canoe racks.


  1. The District/Marina/Association is not liable for claims or damage to the marina members, or their agents, or their guests, person or property resulting from the Member’s activities, use or occupation of the District/Marina’s docks, slips, canoe racks, or property.


  1. The District/Marina/Association does not provide security for Members, the District/Marina/Association Property, docks, slips, or canoe racks. The Member assumes all risk of usage of Marina/District/Association Property and releases and waives any actions, claims, damages, liabilities, or responsibilities by or against the District.


  1. In the case of an emergency, the District/Marina shall determine what constitutes an “emergency”. If the Member is not available or cannot be immediately contacted, or not prompt in response, the District/Marina is authorized to move the subject boat.  Note the District/Marina is under no obligation to provide the service.  Any cost, disbursements or expenses incurred by the District/Marina shall be solely at the Member’s expense which he/she shall pay promptly.


  1. Beginning 2019, the Children’s Summer Program Tender Boat will be assigned the first available boat slip at the Clubhouse at no charge.


  1. The Harbormaster will receive a boat slip at both the Clubhouse and Tennis Court Marinas at no charge and have the option to keep one slip after their tenure as Harbormaster is finished.


The undersigned Marina Member understands and agrees that the Marina Member is responsible for the use of the Candlewood Isle Marina facilities -including family and guests. It is also agreed that the Tax District of Candlewood Isle assumes no responsibility for the personal injury, loss of or damage to boat equipment or other property, nor for any cost, claims, liabilities or damages resulting from the use of these facilities - including, but not limited to, docks, boat racks, dinghies, boat ramp, access road and off-shore mooring space.


The Marina Member agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Tax District of Candlewood Isle for any claims, expenses, losses, damages or costs, including, but not limited to, attorneys' fees incurred by the Tax District of Candlewood Isle due to the use of the Candlewood Isle Marina facilities by the Marina Member, member's family or guests.




                     2023 Candlewood Isle Marina Member & Golf Cart Owner




_________________________________________       ______________

                    Please Print Name                                          Date

















The annual Marina boating season is defined as May to October annually with exact dates specified at the top of this form subject to safe dock installation and removal.

A “Renter” is defined as an occupant of an Isle based property, in good standing that holds a current active 4 month lease minimum and can produce and provide a copy of such lease along with the completed marina application, insurance and vessel registration along with payment in full. Should the lease expire or terminate for any reason during the boating season and a replacement agreement is not provided, said renter will forfeit the spot immediately without refund and subject to Marina Committee review.

A “Property Owner” is defined as one or more individuals owning at least one property located on Candlewood Isle who is in good standing. Such ownership allows owner(s) to secure up to a maximum of 3 slips in any one calendar year for personal use only regardless of the number of properties owned. Property Ownership will be verified by CI Tax records. Owner must provide individual vessel insurance, vessel registration, and separate marina applications to match files.

A “boat slip” is defined as a reserved seasonal dock space for one single vessel (boat) or multiple vessel (up to two max PWC) that is secured by timely payment and receipt of all required and completed paperwork in advance of the season.

A “rack space” is defined as a reserved seasonal land space for one single vessel or max of two properly fitting in same space (unless discussed in advance with Marina Committee) that is secured by timely payment and receipt of all required and completed paperwork in advance of the season. Rack spaces adhere to the same bylaws set forth for Marina membership. Rack spaces are not to be used for off season storage to allow for annual maintenance and repair work as needed. All vessels are to be removed to owners property as of October 1st annually unless a storage fee has been pre-arranged. Failure to do so will cause removal of said vessel(s) from the premises at owners expense.  

A “boat slip” or “rack” assignment is defined by the number or location given to the occupant of said space by the Marina Committee at the sole discretion of said committee. Any desire to change or switch needs to first be addressed and approved by the Marina Committee or occupant could be subject to loss of use and all paid fees.

Multiple slips may be available as follows. Once an owner as defined by the aforementioned bylaws has become a Marina member and has secured a first slip a second slip may be available in the following format. The Marina Committee has identified 25 slips to be offered for annual use not subject to any waiting list demand if the member remains in good standing, is paid to date and has completed all necessary paperwork in a timely fashion. Any available slips above this designated number of 25 shall be subject to annual review and any wait list demand will be honored. The same will apply to the possibility of acquiring a third slip (maximum allowed) which will also be reviewed annually and subject to wait list demand.

2023 Kayak/Canoe/SUP Rack Application

 Please indicate the type of vessel you have (rack size is specific to boat type):


(  ) Canoe/XL Kayak   (12' plus)     $200

(  ) Large / Medium Kayak (8'-11')  $175

(  ) Small Kayak (5'-7')      $150

(  ) Stand-Up Paddleboard    $125

(  ) Winter Storage Fee*    $50 (annual)

(  ) Locking System Purchase* $40 (one-time)


* Winter storage and locking systems are not mandatory

**Racks assigned are the same as the prior year unless a special request rack becomes available


Name(s) of Owner(s)_________________________________________


Cell Phones ________________________________________________


Isle Address ________________________________________________


Email Address_______________________________________________



Type of Vessel:__________________________Size(length): ________________






Rack #_________ Vessel Sticker # ____________











       Please indicate the location you are applying for:


                   ( )      Dock Slip Fee = $1000

                ( )      Dock Slip Initiation Fee = $1500 (1st time slip occupant)



Please provide the following information completely, sign the application and return with full payment of fees by check to the address above (checks are to be made payable to the ‘CANDLEWOOD ISLE TAX DISTRICT’). You may not use the Candlewood Isle Marina facilities until your application and payment-in-full has been received by the Harbormaster/CI Office. It is the responsibility of the Marina Member to notify the Harbor Master of any changes to contact information.

Name(s) of Owner(s) ­­­­­­­­_____________________________________________________

Telephone (Isle) __________________ (Other) ________________________________

Isle Address (PO Box) ____________________ (Road) _________________________                                                                   

Other Address __________________________________________________________

Email Address __________________________________________________________

Type                           Make              Length             Width         Color            Reg. #

( ) Power            _____________       ________        _______       ________    _________

( ) Sail                 _____________       ________        _______       ________    _________

( ) Pontoon         _____________       ________        _______       ________    _________

( ) Other             _____________       ________        _______       ________    _________ 

 * All vessels must have current valid registration and proof of Liability and Property Damage/Loss or their slips and/or moorings will be released to the waiting list.







Annual Registration is Mandatory




Please provide the following information completely, sign the application and return. You may not operate a Golf Cart on Candlewood Isle property and facilities until your Registration Form has been received by the Golf Cart Committee. 


Name(s) of Owner(s) ­­­­­­­­_____________________________________________________

Telephone (Isle) __________________ (Other) ________________________________

Isle Address (PO Box) ____________________ (Road) _________________________                                                                   

Email Address __________________________________________________________


Type                     Make                         Length                 Width             Color          


( ) Gas             ____________           ________              _______         ________     

( ) Electric       _____________         ________              _______         ________     

( ) Other          _____________         ________              _______         ________     





Please return this application, waiver and insurance card to the isle office.



File Uploaded