Ice Rink


If you have driven down Lake Drive North during recent winters, you may have noticed the transformation of the beach tennis court into the Candlewood Isle Skating Rink!  The rink was the vision of a few CI residents and it’s back for another season!

The CI Skating Rink operates similarly to many other CI programs, where membership is required to utilize the rink. This membership pays for an expensive liner every year as well as other miscellaneous costs to keep it up and running.

Access to the rink is strictly permitted for members only, meaning no guests due to insurance reasons. This policy is strictly enforced and we appreciate your understanding so that we can continue to provide this benefit to our community for years to come. 

We hope that the rink will keep our community as active and connected during the winter months as we are in the summer. If you have questions, please contact JP Cheneski 203-241-0099 or Mike Imhoff 612-247-8159, or email [email protected].

Hope for cold weather.....#frozenmemories ahead!

You can access the registration form at

Family memberships are $50. Funds can be sent via PayPal to [email protected], or can be given to any of the rink ambassadors (JP Cheneski 203-241-0099 or Mike Imhoff 612-247-8159). You may also drop off a check at the office with checks payable to CITD or send to P.O. Box 380 CI New Fairfield, CT 06812.

A signed waiver must accompany the membership prior to utilizing the rink, downloadable from

Join the facebook group via for updates on openings/closings.

Rink Rules and Skating Policies

  • It's an outdoor rink, please only skate when it's cold (you'll do damage to the surface and your skates if the surface is soft)
  • Put skates on AT the rink!
  • Do not stand on the courts with your skates on!
  • Helmets are required
  • Ice is slippery and can be dangerous, do not skate alone
  • Injuries from falls can occur, please wear proper safety equipment
  • Be aware of changing ice conditions - conditions will vary on any given day
  • No dogs or pets of any kind are permitted on the ice
  • Throwing snowballs or any objects is strictly prohibited
  • Watch out for other skaters, flying hockey pucks and hockey sticks etc
  • Please do not hang on the safety netting
  • All skaters or their parent/guardian must sign the participation waiver
  • The overhead lights is a switch on the far side of the telephone pole
  • Please turn off the lights when you are done
  • Do not unplug the extension cords
  • Hockey pucks are in the orange 5-gallon bucket
  • Please help get the leaves off the rink, they attract the sun and melt holes in the ice
  • Snow on the ice makes bumps, feel free to grab a shovel or broom to help out
  • Remove pucks, goals, shovels, etc from the ice when you're done