The Candlewood Isle Tax District ("CITD") manages and maintains the roads, security and facilities on the Isle. CITD is a special tax district established in accordance with the provisions of Connecticut General Statutes §7-324 et seq.   The CITD By-Laws provide for the management of CITD and implement the provisions of applicable statutes of the State of Connecticut.  

The Candlewood Isle Association is a Connecticut corporation which owns the clubhouse, post office, roads and open space on Candlewood Isle.  Each real property owner on the Isle is a shareholder and has one vote for each owned property.  The Candlewood Isle Association leases all its property to the Tax District to operate and maintain.  Therefore, anything related to the legal status of the Isle owned property (title, encumbrances, easements, rights of way, use) are the responsibility of Candlewood Isle Association.  It holds its annual meeting the same day as the Tax District.