Junior Recreation


Hello neighbors,

Candlewood Isle Camp 2021 opening day is just 3 ½ months away!  Camp will run from Tuesday, July 6th through Friday, August 13th, 2021.  Hours for Tot Camp (potty trained & ages 3-4) are 9 am to Noon.  Hours for Camp (ages 5 to 14) are 9 am to noon- break for an hour at lunch- and return for the afternoon session from 1pm to 4pm.

We are hoping enrollment will be open on the camp website Active by the end of April.  An email will be sent to past campers and Isle residents when enrollment is open.  We need to calculate the costs of weekly activity fees, and once all the vendors are booked and costs confirmed, we can open enrollment.

Camp activities this year will be coming TO the Isle.  We will not have any off-Isle day trips but are looking forward to many vendors who can come to us and keep camp exciting and adventurous this year.

2021 Camp fees will be as follows:

2021 Rates (not including activity fees)


6 weeks

4 weeks

Tots (3-4)



Resident 1st Child



Resident - Add'l Child



Non-Resident 1st Child



Non-Resident 2nd Child



Ages 5-14



Resident 1st Child



Resident - Add'l Child



Non-Resident - 1st Child



Non-Resident - Add'l Child




Just a reminder, that to enroll in camp, you must be an isle homeowner.  In past years, Isle homeowners have been able to sponsor off isle residents, but this year we have decided not to invite any NEW sponsored families.  Sponsored campers (and their siblings) who have attended in prior years can return if they are still being sponsored by an Isle family.  We have made one exception regarding NEW sponsored campers.  Due to the unique years 2020 and 2021 have been, if someone is renting a home on the isle for the entire summer, and their children will be attending camp for the full 6 weeks, and if they have a resident sponsor, they can participate as new campers this season.


Lastly, we are continuing to monitor state and town guidelines for 2021 COVID protocol at summer camps and will be sure to follow the recommendations.  We hope that campers, counselors, and their families will be patient and flexible with us as we navigate through any changes.  

              PLEASE EMAIL ALL CAMP RELATED INQUIRES TO [email protected]


Thank you,

Mike Imhoff

Junior Recreation Board


CI Junion Rec Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I send my forms?

Please upload the release and waiver form as well as the health form to the active website.

How can I support the program?

Everyone can help support this great Candlewood Isle tradition.  Each year we have a wish list of items that need to be purchased to enhance the junior recreation experience.  Here is a link to items for this year: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1CARIO2939RUI


The program follows all CDC guidelines. The clubhouse basement contains touchless soap dispensers, sinks, and dryers.

How many kids in a group?

Most groups are five to twelve children, but it varies yearly. All groups have at least two counselors, and most groups will have a CIT.

What is the gender breakdown of groups?

Most age groups are mixed. In years with large groups, it’s not uncommon to have separate girls’ and boys’ groups with individual counselors for each.

Training & Certification for Counselors

All counselors are 16 years or older and receive CPR training. All lifeguards are certified. Most counselors will have served as CITs (counselors in training) for at least a year. Tennis, swimming, arts & crafts, games, and sailing all have a specialist dedicated to that activity.

What does a typical day look like?

Activities vary based on their age, but a typical day includes swimming, tennis, games, movement, arts and crafts, canoeing, fishing, volleyball, sailing & more. All of these activities have a specialist instructing or helping the kids along with their counselors and CITs.

What special activities occur?

Outside activities vary depending on the year, but in the past, we’ve hosted swim meets, tie-dye days, group tug of wars, scavenger hunts, Knolls Fun Day, the talent show, trips to Splashdown, and paddleboarding. This year we will have a different vendor come to the clubhouse each week to give our campers a different experience. 

How many kids attend the CI Children’s Program?

Anywhere from 80 to 150 kids attend.

Do different age groups interact with each other?

There is a limited amount of space near the Isle clubhouse. All groups are separate, but the kids often interact with other friends and neighbors of similar ages. 

Hiking and other adventure activities?

There is an ever-growing number of hiking & walking trails located on the Isle. This isn’t an existing part of our activities, but we are exploring the benefits of adding hiking-related scavenger hunts to our usual or special activities.

Rainy Days?

While we hope that every day in the summer is a perfect day, that is far from reality. On rainy days, kids are welcome to stay home or participate in clubhouse activities such as ping pong, movies, board games, prepping for the talent show, or any other activities that the counselors feel are appropriate for their groups.

Swimming requirements?

We are surrounded by water and swimming is an important part of our daily activities. Each age group will have lessons with our certified swim instructor at least three days a week. The younger campers do so in the kiddie area. The older campers (8&up) do so in the swim lanes with counselor assistance if needed. 

Changing Areas?

Most kids wear their swimsuits for most of the day, but they are welcome to change clothes if they prefer. The bathrooms in the clubhouse and the basement area are open all day if they wish to change throughout the day. For campers five and up, this should be something they are capable of doing themselves.

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