Junior Recreation



Monday, July 3rd through Friday, August 11th; M-F

Ages 5-14: Mornings: 9 AM -12 PM; Afternoons: 1 PM - 4 PM

Tots (Ages 3-4 AND potty-trained): 9 AM - 12 PM

Orientation is Sunday, July 2nd at 11:30 AM

The Junior Rec Ambassadors have been preparing for an exciting 2023 Youth Summer Program, which promises to be full of memorable moments for the youth of our community. Please take the time to review the following information about our six-week program. We have been working very hard to plan a safe and fun program for our Candlewood Isle Community. Our program is non-profit, self-funded, and governed by dedicated volunteers. We are grateful to the community for the opportunity to offer this experience to our children.

If you aren’t already included in the resident mailing list, please sign up at https://candlewoodisle.communitysite.com/.


Shannon Larkin Robinson is returning as our Director this summer for her seventh summer. Shannon grew up on Candlewood Isle, attended the summer program, and worked as a counselor for many years. Shannon brings years of experience as a school teacher and currently works as a teacher in Sherman. We are lucky to have Shannon’s experience and love of the Isle as part of our staff.

We welcome Ashley Nigri back as the Assistant Director and the lead counselor for Tots. Ashley worked with Ms. Joy and Ms. Brittany before taking over tots four years ago. Before that, she was a camper and was a CIT and Counselor with Tots! Ashley currently works at Middle Gate Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, as a Special Education Para and is working towards her Masters in Education at University of Bridgeport in hopes of being a second-grade teacher. She loves working with our youngest campers and helping them enjoy their first camp experience. Children participating in Tots must be fully potty-trained. The Tot’s program continues to be one of the most memorable features of our program.


Routine Activities: Swimming, Tennis, Games, Movement, Arts and Crafts, Canoeing, Volleyball, Sailing & More.

Special Activities: Swim Meets, Tennis Tournament, and Triathlon relay with the Knolls. Tie-Dye Day, Whole Camp Tug of War and water balloon toss, Scavenger Hunt, Knolls Fun Day, Adventure Bound Game Show, Rolling Games Video Game trailer, Laser Tag and Foam party, Awards Night, and more.

We are still coordinating special events, similar to last year. Last year we had two magicians, one ventriloquist and balloon twister, and the other with giant bubbles. There is also a trip to a waterpark for 5s and up. (We request an adult attend with their 5-year-old campers)

Optional Activities For 8s and up only - Paddleboarding & Lakeside water skiing, wakeboarding, and wake surfing.

For Seniors (10s - 14s), we will be offering weekly trips. Trips are listed below.


Sign up via https://campscui.active.com/orgs/CandlwoodIsleTaxDistrict. The coupon code is RESIDENT, which should only be used by taxpayers’ children, grandchildren, and renters with a 1-year lease or more. Feel free to contact Mike Imhoff at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Some tips to help you sign up:

  • Add to the cart the number of weeks your child will attend (only check one box).
  • The grade should be the grade the child is entering 2023-2024.
  • Extra tee shirt is optional; check the box if you want it.
  • Update tee shirt size.
  • Short-term renters, extended family, and friends will be under the sponsor rate.
When signing up for CIT positions, please select a maximum of three weeks. We had too many CITs last year and are limiting it to ensure the best experience possible for our kids this summer. You can also sign them up for three weeks in the General session.


This year we are allowing sponsored children in all age groups. Each Isle household is allowed to sponsor a single off-Isle family. If you sponsor a child, please ensure the child is picked up on time. If a non-resident has a walking slip, he will be the responsibility of the sponsoring resident. No sponsor child will be able to register without the waiver form signed by both the sponsoring CI family and the Sponsored family.

2023 Summer Program Rates

Children can attend any number of weeks and are not required to attend sequential weeks. The following table is just a sampling of rates, but 2, 3, and 5-week prices will be available on active when you register.

Have a friend or family member in town for a day or two? We are offering a daily price of $250 per day. Daily participants must register at least one week in advance and provide us with a hard copy of a doctor-signed Health & Immunization Form and waiver.



6 weeks

4 weeks

1 week

Tots (3-4)




Ages 5-14





Non Residents

6 weeks

4 weeks

1 week

Tots (3-4)




Ages 5-14





2023 Activities (subject to change)


Age Group


Week 1

5s and up

Adventure Bound - Game Show

Week 2

10s and up


Week 2

Tots through 6s

Mr. Bungles

Week 3

5s and up

Rolling Games

Week 3

Tots through 6s

Bowey Show & Balloons

Week 4

6s and up


Week 5

10s and up

Xtreme play

Week 6

10s and up

Lake Compounce

Optional Weekly

8s and up


Optional Weekly

8s and up

Lakeside Water Sports



COUNSELOR IN TRAINING MUST TURN 14 BY DECEMBER 31st, 2023. You can register your CIT the same way you would register for the program. Select the CIT group and how many weeks they will be training (up to a maximum of three weeks). CITs will be offered the opportunity to help our counselors and specialists and receive on-the-job training as they rotate throughout all the younger groups tots - 9. Please understand that we try to keep this group busy and teach the skills that will later be applied to a possible counselor position and/or community service volunteer position. All CITs are evaluated by their co-workers, the director, and the parents. All 2023 CITs will be offered an interview next year by our Ambassadors before being considered for a staff position - REMEMBER SAFETY IS OUR PRIORITY. 

When signing up for CIT positions, please select a maximum of three weeks. We had too many CITs last year and are limiting it to ensure the best experience possible for our kids this summer.



Summer positions are filled; All staff members must be CPR Certified.



OUR JUNIOR REC BOARD: Mike & April Imhoff


OUR DIRECTORY AMBASSADORS: Karen Jaslow, Louise Clark, Carol Preis, & Ann O’Connor White

If you would like to join our summer ambassadors group, please contact Mike & April Imhoff at: [email protected]


CI Junior Rec Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I send my forms?

Please upload the release and waiver form as well as the health form to the active website.

How can I support the program?

Everyone can help support this great Candlewood Isle tradition.  Each year we have a wish list of items that need to be purchased to enhance the junior recreation experience.  Here is a link to items for this year: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/BI1OL3XKL673


The program follows all CDC guidelines. The clubhouse basement contains touchless soap dispensers, sinks, and dryers.

How many kids in a group?

Most groups are five to twelve children, but it varies yearly. All groups have at least two counselors, and most groups will have a CIT.

What is the gender breakdown of groups?

Most age groups are mixed. In years with large groups, it’s not uncommon to have separate girls’ and boys’ groups with individual counselors for each.

Training & Certification for Counselors

All counselors are 16 years or older and receive CPR training. All lifeguards are certified. Most counselors will have served as CITs (counselors in training) for at least a year. Tennis, swimming, arts & crafts, games, and sailing all have a specialist dedicated to that activity.

What does a typical day look like?

Activities vary based on their age, but a typical day includes swimming, tennis, games, movement, arts and crafts, canoeing, fishing, volleyball, sailing & more. All of these activities have a specialist instructing or helping the kids along with their counselors and CITs.

What special activities occur?

Outside activities vary depending on the year, but in the past, we’ve hosted swim meets, tie-dye days, group tug of wars, scavenger hunts, Knolls Fun Day, the talent show, trips to Splashdown, and paddleboarding. This year we will have a different vendor come to the clubhouse each week to give our campers a different experience. 

How many kids attend the CI Children’s Program?

Anywhere from 80 to 150 kids attend.

Do different age groups interact with each other?

There is a limited amount of space near the Isle clubhouse. All groups are separate, but the kids often interact with other friends and neighbors of similar ages. 

Hiking and other adventure activities?

There is an ever-growing number of hiking & walking trails located on the Isle. This isn’t an existing part of our activities, but we are exploring the benefits of adding hiking-related scavenger hunts to our usual or special activities.

Rainy Days?

While we hope that every day in the summer is a perfect day, that is far from reality. On rainy days, kids are welcome to stay home or participate in clubhouse activities such as ping pong, movies, board games, prepping for the talent show, or any other activities that the counselors feel are appropriate for their groups.

Swimming requirements?

We are surrounded by water and swimming is an important part of our daily activities. Each age group will have lessons with our certified swim instructor at least three days a week. The younger campers do so in the kiddie area. The older campers (8&up) do so in the swim lanes with counselor assistance if needed. 

Changing Areas?

Most kids wear their swimsuits for most of the day, but they are welcome to change clothes if they prefer. The bathrooms in the clubhouse and the basement area are open all day if they wish to change throughout the day. For campers five and up, this should be something they are capable of doing themselves.

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