Golf Cart Rules

Golf Cart Rules & Regulations

Per the Ordinance of #5 of Candlewood Isle by Laws the following are the recommendations of the Candlewood Isle Golf Cart Committee:

  1. The committee requires Golf Cart Owners to provide proof of insurance; either added to homeowners or auto liability, specifically naming the "Tax District of Candlewood Isle", "Candlewood Isle Marina", and the "Candlewood Isle Association" as an "Additional Insured". The "Marina" has been advised to follow CT State Law which is a 20-40-10 minimum.
  2. All Golf Carts must be registered to the Candlewood Isle Clerk and receive a sticker.
  3. Only licensed drivers may operate a Golf Cart.
  4. Sticker programs on left rear replaced annually; will include phone number on sticker.
  5. Golf Carts must have headlights, horn, taillights and/or reflectors.
  6. The Committee will post a sign at Guard House, P.O. Boxes and Club house to call 746-2130 to report unregistered Golf Carts, unsafe operations & speeding.
  7. The Committee will post a list of registered Golf Carts at the Guard House.
  8. No headlights = no nights; if golf cart doesn’t have lights it can’t be operated at night.
  9. In the event you are renewing your Golf Cart registration the current sticker on your cart is valid. Please be sure to include the sticker # in your application. New Golf Cart registrants will be issued a new sticker.
  10. Golf Cart Rules to be enforced by Isle Security MGC.
  11. Golf Cart Capacity is limited to the available seating on each respective Golf Cart.
  12. Failure to comply with Golf Cart Regulations will result in forfeiture of the use of Candlewood Isle Amenities, i.e., community events, adult and junior recreation, tennis, marina & children’s programs.