Contact Info

Office Manager - Karen Hanley 
PO Box 380

New Fairfield, CT 06812
(203) 746-0220 or [email protected]  
Hours: Monday and Thursday 12:30-2:30

(203) 746-2130

Candlewood Isle Tax District Board of Directors
To reach all board members and the office at once:
[email protected].

President - Guy Minoli -  
[email protected]
Vice-President - Eric Hofmann - [email protected]
Clerk - Martha Clipston -  [email protected]
Treasurer - Nathan Archer -  [email protected]

Security - Tim Larkin -  
[email protected]
Roads - Mike Palma -  [email protected]
Marina/Golf Cart - John Glynn -  [email protected]
Maintenance/Waterfront/Lifeguards - Pat Johnson -  [email protected]
Adult Recreation - Ro Ruppert -  [email protected]
Junior Recreation - Mike Imhoff -  [email protected]

Committees & Volunteers

Nominating Committee
Michelle O'Connor, Susan Pascale

Isle Beautification
Kathy & Tim Ohsann, Barbara Hotchkiss, Katherine & Andrew Weber

Junior Recreation Committee
Danyelle Connors, Andrea Callahan, Erin McCollam, Allison Mooney, April Imhoff, Pat Johnson

Directory Committee
Karen Jaslow, Louise Clark, Ann O'Connor, Carol Preis, The Coyman Family

Clubhouse Rentals - Cathy Hancock - [email protected]  

Newsletter - Aimee Suhie - [email protected]

Tennis Program - Pat & Andrea Callahan - [email protected]

Chair of Junior Recreation Committee -  - [email protected]

Bocce - Tim Larkin - [email protected]

Directory -  - [email protected]

Lake Liaison - Jim McAlister - [email protected]

Candlewood Isle Association Board of Directors

[email protected]
Jeff Berman - President 
Andrea Callahan 
JP Cheneski 
Allison Mooney
Melissa Stewart
Michael Imhoff
Brian Coyman
Michelle O'Connor