Candlewood Isle Tennis 2022

Welcome to another season of fun on Candlewood Isle! As we all know, part of that fun is enjoying all this great lake community has to offer. We hope that we have all last year’s members coming back, and many new members planning on joining Tennis.

Any tennis members can host events such as tennis mixers -- feel free to do so. Any questions on how to do this, please contact us at [email protected]

Please remember that the lights have to be off by 11:00 pm. Also, no lessons should be scheduled on the court's prior to 1:00 pm as it is distracting to other members who are playing to have lessons going on next to their game. It is important to remember to lock the courts when you leave. All tennis rules can be found in your Isle Directory.

After your payment is received and processed in the C.I. office, there will be a key left for you at the guardhouse starting about May 7, 2022.

Get out there, play and have fun!

Pat and Andrea Callahan
Adult Tennis, Volunteers

Candlewood Isle Tennis Application 2022

Tennis membership is restricted to household members of taxpayers of Candlewood Isle who are 16 years of age or older as of July 1, 2021. Fees are for the use of the tennis courts located near the guardhouse. The Clubhouse Court is open to household members of all taxpayers at no cost!

Fee Schedule:

$250 Family Membership or Individual Membership as follows:

$125 for each adult age 18 years & older

$75 for each teen age 16 & 17 years of age

$25 for each junior membership (Children ages 11-15)

Name of each adult member ________________________________________

Name of each teen member ________________________________________

Name of each Jr. member ________________________________________

Isle Address ________________________________________

Telephone numbers – Isle ____________________Other _______________

Primary email Address ________________________________________

Total Fees Enclosed $______________

Please make checks payable to: Tax District of Candlewood Isle & mail with the application to – Tennis Membership, PO Box 380 – CI, New Fairfield, CT 06812 – you can also drop the check and the completed application in the office mail slot (door facing the tennis courts).

We welcome any suggestions & comments relating to the program!

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